ANEW Dawn of the Phoenix

Push me down

And I will


A Phoenix


Its ashes;

Each breath


Fire sets in


Reignited passion;

Of the heart,


Mind is sound

And solid set



Forever moving


Into God’s plan

~Dawn Piercy ©️2019

Mariano Mendoza AKA Big Dawg

My name is Mariano Mendoza, I was born on September 17th, 1968 in Los Angeles General Hospital.

I am the oldest of 9 brothers and sisters. Growing up in Compton, California, I spent a majority of my life in and out of foster care as well as a few homes for boys. 

The History of Gods & Goddesses part 3 of 11

Welcome to The History of Gods & Goddesses Part 3 of 11, with Special Guest Co Host, author, and historical researcher Brian Dennis Hartford! Tonight we continue with picking up where we left off last week in Part 2 with some basic history of the Gods and Goddesses backed with research as well as resources so you can come to your own conclusion. I myself as a believer in Christianity and Brian whom is Christian, yet takes a look from different approach is sure to keep you wondering, what is the truth? The fact remains is that we may never know, but with historical records showing they actually did walked this earth, born of man and woman, Kings and Queens. Some say that they are Nephalim, half angel, half man. Seraphim are known to be the fallen angels from heaven.
We may never have all the facts, yet the ancient history of the world remains, leaving us to seek the truth on our own.

Season 2 Launch of After Dusk with Dawn Piercy

TONIGHT at 10:30pm EST is the launch of Season 2 on After Dusk with Dawn Piercy!!! I am so excited for the 2nd season as we are starting off with a 3 part episode with Special Guest Artie Hoffman Renowned Psychic Medium known as the hottest psychic with the warmest heart!

Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday! Remember what it stands for and how Jesus suffered for our sins while up on that cross, so that we may be forgiven and repent. We all have our own cross ✝️ to bear in this life so be sure to judge yourself and ask with discernment if you have all facts before judging another lest you judge yourself. Judge mercifully and he will judge you the same. We are all children of God and have a mission to complete. Many are lost sheep in a pasture that are in need of a good shepherd. They are those that need our prayers and guidance the most!


If you don’t know what Good Friday is here is the definition:


Good Friday



1 the Friday before Easter Sunday, on which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated in the Christian Church. It is traditionally a day of fasting and penance the most.

In a world full of chaos we have to ask ourselves which direction to choose.

Do we do what we want? What is the point of it all? Why is there so much evil in the world?

The answer is simple.

Let go and let God. When we fully give ourselves to him we become limitless and enable ourselves to take a look inside and judge ourselves especially before pointing a finger and judging another because we all have a part in making this world a better place. The road to living in the truth of God is a very narrow one ☝🏻 yet the most rewarding of all. Blessings come and manifest in your life so you may help and bless others. For in our own darkness is when we find the light. This has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with facts. God is almighty and he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. I am a follower of Christ. Upon the 2nd coming of Christ, will you recognize him when he does come? Is he here now? The answer is yes, and he is waiting on Gods timing which not even the angels in heaven know. And as he is coming with the clouds ☁️ and by the mark of Judah Upon on his thigh (8 ن ) and upon his vesture to bring warnings and messages to us that he will strike all evil down with the sword of God with judgement, not to bring peace but division amongst us for it it time. We have a choice to make. Do we choose the side of God or the side of the fallen? Choose wisely. You can not serve 2 masters and the end times have begun.

May you all enjoy the Easter weekend and remember the true meaning of what this celebration means to all Christ followers. The original church ⛪️ of Jesus Christ and his true message.

-Dawn Piercy

Today at 1pm EST on ANEW podcast  🎶🎵Carly and Martina 🎵🎶

Today tune in and check it my interview with Carly and Martina… Pop duo 16 year old twins… They write their own music too!!! 2 of the most influential young woman I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. They run an ANTI-BULLYING campaigns and go to schools and interact with students!!!!  Checking them and this interview out, you will be glad you did….

ANEW Album Review “CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1” by Dawn Piercy


CONFIGA on the beat 

Configa is a Hip Hop Veteran and raised in the UK. He has worked with many artists from legendary to underground. He has as PhD in Sociology and Cultural studies. This review is on his album releasing soon.

Upon receiving the album CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1 I have to say I was quite Continue reading “ANEW Album Review “CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1” by Dawn Piercy”

Tune in and listen live stream on YouTube to ANEW podcast my interview with Tiffany Gaines today at 1pm Est 

Today on ANEW podcast tune in and listen via live stream to my interview with Music Manager Tiffany Gaines and hear about the difference between underground music, independent artist and being signed. Learn about the pros and cons of the business and much much more! Get inspired!  Today we will be on YouTube live and after available for download and streaming!

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