ANEW world News part 2 of 4 Oct. 2019

Exclusive interview with HRH Douglas Buchanan Bailey, Grand Duke of St. Cyriacus and Tetrarch of Tiggiano

ANEW world News Launch part 3 of 4

Topics on the table of discussion is the continuation from part one on the new 
World Data Breach, bullying and what you need to knownew ancient historical findings, a new concept on what the future holds when it comes to putting dinner on your table, and a very important issue, domestic violence. What is the right way to deal with bullying, when it comes to your child’s safety, what happens when it’s your child that is the bully and what does it mean for you? Tune in and find out.

Welcome to The History of Gods & Goddesses Part 2 of 11, with Special Guest Co Host, author, and historical researcher Brian Dennis Hartford! Tonight we continue with picking up where we left off last week in Part 1 with some basic history of the Gods and Goddesses backed with research as well as resources so you can come to your own conclusion. I myself as a believer in Christianity and Brian whom is Christian, yet takes a look from different approach is sure to keep you wondering, what is the truth? The fact remains is that we may never know, but with historical records showing they actually did walked this earth, born of man and woman, Kings and Queens. Some say that they are Nephalim, half angel, half man. Seraphim are known to be the fallen angels from heaven. 
We may never have all the facts, yet the ancient history of the world remains, leaving us to seek the truth on our own.

Are you scared of what goes bump in the night? Check out the preview below for hints of what to expect in The History of Gods & Goddesses Part 2 of 11!!!

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