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Full interview with my side of Mic fixed🤗 enjoy!

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Guest lineup

Today is ANEW podcast 1 month anniversary from our launch! Here is my guest line up if your wondering…🤗 every Saturday ANEW guest… if your interested in being a #guest on #ANEWpodcast you can send inquiries to anewpodcast@gmail.com and I will check you out… #actor #actors #musicians #music #dj #mix #comedian #comedy #podcast #podernfamily #host #ceo #stunt #family #familyhistory #historic #historian #founder #writer #writing #martialarts #emcee #castingdirector #casting #impressario #fangsmith #art #artist #veterans #veterans #producing #producer #live


I am going to have a ton of changes coming to my blog. First off, when I started this blog it was going to be for writing only, poetry,my books, sneak peeks, photography, what have you. In turn it has become an extension of who I am on a daily basis, ups and downs, art, everything from a brother to a mother. I am going to be making my own private domain here and really just let this flourish and thrive. To unfold into untold stories of horror, humor, hardships and joy. Life as we all know it. I hope each and everyone of you can find something shocking, inspirational, humorous,anything to fill that space inside of us all that all needs filled.

The new name of this blog/website will become……Get ready for it! DawnPiercy.com I’m thinking…if that happens to be taken, well I guess I will have to find another name…LOL

Love,Peace & Frybread grease

-Dawn Piercy 2014©



A dedication to life

A gracious night,
So fine;
Stars aglow,
Honour moon so swell;

Mereley not wanting content,
Bearing in mind,
Believing something amiss virtue;
Grandour thoughts atrocious;
Much love of living;
Aware fresh intellect;
Enamored life.

Very thankful,
I skip down the hall of my Dwelling,
Full with glee;
Beginning to dance exemplify,
In the Splendor of Life.

Dawn Piercy ©2006

All rights reserved®

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Dimensions Deep


You come to visit,
Yet do not see
Until it is too
Then jump to leave;

Guardians near
All around,
Home is my
no trouble shall
Be found;

For if it is,
I will send it off
Three times back,
With a very hard

Some people
Do not see,
The deepest depth
Within me;

Until it is too
Now let us

I do not play
So you see,
I will pierce your
Soul with
Joyous glee.

Guardians near,
Cheering me;

Lock you in the deepest

Also know as the
Spirits hell;
Dementions deep,
A spirit prison,
Where the wicked
They keep.

Be aware.

Dawn Piercy ©2013

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