Captain of the Lost Waves Bio and Interview

Captain of the Lost Waves
is a recording artist, songwriter & musician out of the United Kingdom. His music is said to be a hidden box of tales, unsolved mysteries, & hidden gems.


Shah Bio and Interview

Shah Bio and interview is now available! Shah is a trap artist, and lyricist out of Toronto, Canada that is now in Atlanta and featured in BuzzFeed Community Series covering Atlanta’s hottest rappers.

Today at 1pm EST on ANEW podcast  🎶🎵Carly and Martina 🎵🎶

Today tune in and check it my interview with Carly and Martina… Pop duo 16 year old twins… They write their own music too!!! 2 of the most influential young woman I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. They run an ANTI-BULLYING campaigns and go to schools and interact with students!!!!  Checking them and this interview out, you will be glad you did….

ANEW Album Review “CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1” by Dawn Piercy


CONFIGA on the beat 

Configa is a Hip Hop Veteran and raised in the UK. He has worked with many artists from legendary to underground. He has as PhD in Sociology and Cultural studies. This review is on his album releasing soon.

Upon receiving the album CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1 I have to say I was quite Continue reading “ANEW Album Review “CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1” by Dawn Piercy”

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