Special Guest Artie Hoffman Renowned Psychic Medium Part 2 of 3

Welcome to the season 2 launch of After Dusk with Dawn Piercy! We are so excited to kick of this season, a 3 part episode with Special Guest Artie Hoffman, Renowned Psychic Medium Part 2 of 3!!! To learn more about our guest and what people are saying check out the awesome preview below and you will see why we couldn’t be more ecstatic! 


In tonight’s episode Artie gives the Host, Dawn Piercy a special message from beyond and the information given hit the nail on the head. Have you ever received a message from beyond? 

Season 2 Launch of After Dusk with Dawn Piercy

TONIGHT at 10:30pm EST is the launch of Season 2 on After Dusk with Dawn Piercy!!! I am so excited for the 2nd season as we are starting off with a 3 part episode with Special Guest Artie Hoffman Renowned Psychic Medium known as the hottest psychic with the warmest heart! 


Magus Elgar Episode 9: Maus Sagari’s Mediocre Trip

Magus Elgar Episode 9: Maus Sagari's Mediocre Trip
Magus Elgar Episode 9: Maus Sagari’s Mediocre Trip

In Magus Elgar Episode 9: Maus Sagari’s Mediocre Trip, Magus Sagari has found a STAMP that controls gravity. Udo and Kaylee investigate without Elgar in the hopes that everything will go smoothly this time. 


Magus Elgar Episode 7: Just Add Drexlor

Within the multiverse sits a fantastic, magical realm: a place we call Hearth. This is the world of Magus Elgar. Seeking to prevent disaster, he and his colleagues hunt for Stamps, scientific tools augmented with magical power. Their tale continues here: Episode Seven: Just Add Drexlor.


Magus Elgar Update

FULL episodes of Magus Elgar are now EXCLUSIVELY available here on ANEW podcast for FREE. That’s right, FREE!!! So tune in to your favorite episode now and don’t miss a single one ever again!!! Click HERE to go to Magus Elgar and enjoy! And to top it off, Magus Elgar has been nominated for “Best Original Work” 2019 by the Audie Awards, and Melody Gun (Kennedy Phillips the creator of Magus Elgar is the SFX Editor) has also won The Telly Award!!! A big CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way to go!

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