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This family tree is my families path coming to America and before America. I started my journey to family history since as far back as I can remember. My grandmother(maternal) was a family historian and upon her passing she gave a stack of papers to me, a stack to my uncle and a stack to my aunt and possibly others, my mom is oldest of 6… It seemed we all got some to start on our own paths to finding our history too pass yet to another generation.

When my grandmother and grandfather passed on my father’s side we received a stack on each side as well to help finish work needing done for our personal tree to keep passing through the generations.

I started my tree and for years my father and I worked together finding what we could… And it took years and countless hours obsessed with research. To make a long story short, when I started this blog it was for poetry and my steps and finding in family history research.

We got with my uncle and Aunt over the years as I still do time to time when I can and we go over our work to make sure copies and indexing are done. Finding and connecting sources. Birth certificates, death certificates, military records, census records, marriage, burial, immigration and much much more…I attach them to each family member direct as well as uncles aunt’s when all paperwork matches up. This is what takes so long in family history.

One thing though… Not until 2 years ago I got a break through… Through find a grave and that led me to a cousin that attached my great grandmother that passed away 4 months after having my grandma (paternal). I was able to link them to my tree what work they had done simultaneously was now added to my tree and it was up to me to read files and attach any needed if I found…. From then on out I was able to keep finding by taking classes on learning how to index, find records, attaching sources… How to correct if needed. This is how I came to find who I was as an individual, where my family is from and what there story is.

Though the tree research below is extensive and is a living tree and has had and still has serval people continuing to work and research it. I still do and will continue to keep working in it too. I took classes to learn how to make a gedcom file and start the tree on too… And that attaches my cousins as well… Crazy big family tree.

I have not met any cousins in finding yet… Do not know if I will. Maybe one day. Though when I had my DNA test done it found my cousins… One immediate I have not met that was adopted out and she reached out to me… That was cool! I highly recommend getting it done…

What you will not find in my tree is names of living individuals outside my immediate family.  Due to I do not tend to invade anyone’s privacy, yet cousins that have passed away that where important historical figures or a famous one here and there you may see scattered through my blog in a post called cousins. I am still debating releasing who my cousins that are famous and passed away are…I may or may not…I did however ad my cousins that where before America on this page and one I recently found of someone I always admired and passed though. One day though I want to travel abroad for family research studies and see where my family(ancestor’s) lived and if I happen to meet some of my cousins that would rock, if not that is ok too…lol

I found House of Windsor are my distant cousins.  I found another line going back to Adam and Eve. It is known as the the Holy Grail bloodline. Royal house of Judah.  This tree was found through source indexing and attaching found family members. And WOW. I am going to attach it as well. What I have researched on my end all of this IS correct and yes there is paperwork and indexing to national historical archives that back this up and it is legit. I am doing what work I can getting copies made of my source indexing work and attaching to tree as I get it done. The photos may be out of order. The photos of Martin Luther is on my dad’s maternal side.  He is my 14th or 15th Grandfather. 2 other of my 14th grandfather’s include King Henry VII and King James V.  And the house of Percy.(aka Piercy) The Bloodline of the Holy Grail is from my mother’s maternal side as well as my father’s.




I recently found that my father is apart of same family tree. Here is where my maternal and paternal meet again on another line.  But 1st I’m going to share my DNA test results. Which follow my tree.

Update 6/8/17

So the family DNA place got ahold of me and said with further studies they updated my ethnic origins.  Sounds weird to me how they even gave me another list. Said they added more detailed results.  My ancient origins are the same however. Here is a screenshot of the more detailed ethnic makeup percentage. Great way to confuse people…lol… below these photos further down are my full DNA test results.

Ok.  So I figured this out.  On my mom’s side I am related differently to people I am related to on my dad’s side… sounds crazy I know.  It’s how the royal bloodlines work though.  King James V is my grandfather on my dads maternal line but my 6th cousin 9x removed on my moms maternal line.

Queen Mary of Scots is my 13th great aunt on my moms side as well as a cousin and my 14th great aunt on my father’s side.

Queen Elizabeth I & Queen Mary(Bloody Mary)  ARE my 1st cousins on my dad’s side and 15th cousin on my moms side…lol…

Queen Elizabeth II is my 13th cousin 2x removed(materal). So far. As well as 8th cousin on my dad’s side.


I found this too… cool… Some American history.

Update 6/22/17


Ancient origins:

This is another line on my father’s side as well. 

These screenshots are of those I am direct descent. No detours. You can see my cousins on the post cousins.


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