Alejandro Patino Bio and Interview

Alejandro Patino Bio and Interview.

Source: Alejandro Patino Bio and Interview


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Exclusive ‘Behind The Scenes’ clips from guest interviews coming soon

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BIO and Introduction interview with me, Dawn Piercy.

ANEW podcast CLICK HERE to tune in and read bio  


ANEW podcast LIVE stream NOW

Live streaming now on ANEW podcast now! And here we are too… Live link on ANEW podcast page… Be sure to visit Dale J Evans bio there too!


ELOHIN R 2.0 Let’s Continue Album Review

Check out ANEW Album Review of ELOHIN ‘R 2.0 Let’s Continue’

Source: ELOHIN R 2.0 Let’s Continue Album Review


Today on ANEW podcast

1pm EST

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Today at 1pm EST on ANEW podcast  🎶🎵Carly and Martina 🎵🎶

Today tune in and check it my interview with Carly and Martina… Pop duo 16 year old twins… They write their own music too!!! 2 of the most influential young woman I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. They run an ANTI-BULLYING campaigns and go to schools and interact with students!!!!  Checking them and this interview out, you will be glad you did….


Tune in at 1 pm EST ANEW Morgan Strebler the : Celebrity Mentalist

At 1 pm EST I will be live streaming my interview with reknown Celebrity Mentalist Morgan Strebler… He was hired by Micheal Jackson for his brother Joe Jackson’s birthday party at Neverland Ranch and is also an Actor, Producer, Director and writer working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry! Find out what he’s got going on, what films he’s working on to the shows he’s in now!!! He even gets one over on me with his mind blowing tricks!!! AMAZING… You’ve got to check it out… Right here… At 1 pm EST I will add live stream right here so tune in!


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