The History of Gods and Goddesses part 8 of 11

ANEW Dawn of the Phoenix

Push me down

And I will


A Phoenix


Its ashes;

Each breath


Fire sets in


Reignited passion;

Of the heart,


Mind is sound

And solid set



Forever moving


Into God’s plan

~Dawn Piercy ©️2019

Today on ANEW podcast I speak with Heather A. Bowser of COVVHA (Children of Vietnam Veteran’s Health Alliance)

Due to a technical difficulty on platform today I will be streaming live here!

Today I am bringing a special interview that is very important to me! It’s October even though the end of the month it is still AGENT ORANGE AWARENESS MONTH… Veteran’s awareness, Children of Vietnam Veteran’s Health Alliance…I am a member and 2nd generation as well as I lost my father to Agent Orange. Please tune in, share and become aware of what Agent Orange is, was, does, did… Spread awareness for the Veteran’s and families affected… Tune in and learn how!!!!

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