Where Are You?


#truth STOP lowering yourself to tasteless acts of # #bullying NOTHING gets done to improve the situation except for #hate … #love yourself. Am I nervous for the county? Yes.  But I won’t allow myself to worry about it and take over my life either. It’s a #New year and it’s also a 1. New beginnings,  fresh starts. Every decision we make personally at this very second Continue reading “Where Are You?”

Don’t Be a PANSY

Some people can be such PANSIES. People DO recover, people CAN change when they want to.  Someone else’s recovery is NOT your business.
GOD is good.  If he wasn’t  I wouldn’t be here.  Many don’t really know me.  They know who I was before my addiction or they know me now with 15 years after being off dope. I am proof Continue reading “Don’t Be a PANSY”

Need vs Want

As anyone that follows me knows.  My blog usually consist of a few straight categories.  About me, my poetry, my Art, Family History, Photography and a plan here and there which let’s face it, I sometimes get derailed. Life happens.  I have mostly learned everything the hard way and I learn and have learned from my mistakes.  I am not insane.

Continue reading “Need vs Want”

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