ANEW podcast right now! Check out my official interview with Actor, Casting Director and Filmmaker “Gerald Webb” 

Tune in now and listen to my interview with Gerald Webb right now! Gerald has an astonishing career and shares it with us! Find out what he looks for when casting a moving,  why not to take it personally if you don’t fit the part, hear what movies to keep a lookout for so much more!

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ANEW guest this next Saturday! Check him out!

This next Saturday tune in and listen to ANEW podcast at 1pm est  and hear me interview Casting Director, filmmaker, producer, actor Gerald Webb …. he does more than just this,  he invited the digital mixer that many music artist and djs use today! Be sure to tune in and hear details on what he looks for when picking actors for a movie, the difference between theatre and film and much, much more!

Desiree Foreman **LIVE** interview – SoundCloud

We will be discussing #working and #living #with #invisible #illness #Fibromyalgia #Lupas #MultipleScerosis #diabetes and an ALL natural #organic aid to taking your life back without medication! You don’t want to miss this! #Xerveo #Gano #Trim #Reishimushroom

Listen to Desiree Foreman **LIVE** interview by ANEW podcast #np on #SoundCloud

You can also watch the live #interview

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