Podcast coming July 2017

I’m excited to say I NEVER stop bringing something new to the table! I’ve started a podcast that will go live July 2017! I’m excited about this new venture and Will be adding a podcast section to my blog here as well as having a site for ANEW podcast with me,  Anewgirl ~Dawn Piercy add your host!! My webpage is under construction now and new great and exciting interviews with amazing celebrity guests are coming your way! Stay tuned!!! Here is a glance at my website … In the featured section on my home page is where I will be featuring my guest and have an upcoming events calender as well! 

Sneek peak of my podcast website

May Flowers

As many are aware my Achilles had given out and ruptured on a tiny Lego in March…I wrote about it in my post “March Madness”. I am now well on my way to healing. It’s been crazy wearing 2 boots to get around in.  Don’t get me wrong…I am grateful to be out of the wheelchair for the most part. My wheels are being repaired as a write… had a fun day of it slamming me into various walls, doors, running over the cats tail… let me tell you!  Continue reading “May Flowers”

March Mood Madness

At the beginning of this month I wanted to blog about March Miracles. Not so as of now. As anyone knows that follows my blog,  I am 2nd generation Agent Orange.  My father was directly sprayed on and inhaled Agent Orange while being a 2 tour Commanding Officer in Vietnam and he lay the communication lines to spy and listen to the enemy at the time. Continue reading “March Mood Madness”

Where Are You?


#truth STOP lowering yourself to tasteless acts of # #bullying NOTHING gets done to improve the situation except for #hate … #love yourself. Am I nervous for the county? Yes.  But I won’t allow myself to worry about it and take over my life either. It’s a #New year and it’s also a 1. New beginnings,  fresh starts. Every decision we make personally at this very second Continue reading “Where Are You?”

Don’t Be a PANSY

Some people can be such PANSIES. People DO recover, people CAN change when they want to.  Someone else’s recovery is NOT your business.
GOD is good.  If he wasn’t  I wouldn’t be here.  Many don’t really know me.  They know who I was before my addiction or they know me now with 15 years after being off dope. I am proof Continue reading “Don’t Be a PANSY”


To stay,
To go;

To sit,
To rant,
To pace,
To Flo;


A shadow


The wind it

In the night;

Soft petals
With the
Dawning light;

To stay,
To go;

To stretch,
To scream,
To stand,
To breathe,

Living Life.

Dawn Piercy, PhD ©2016

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