Art for a Cause

I have 3 short term goals. Seemingly becoming long term when waiting to hear back from the right people.

1)  5K run, one in the start of fall and or one in the spring.

To be split between VFW, American Legion and CoVVha (Children of Vietnam Health Alliance)


I have started a business called Thunders Reign® by Iteska to be able to start helping others. I have now been in the Clergy of Universal Ministries for 12 years now and have now received my PhD in Religion, Philosophy and Doctorate in Universal Studies/Universal life.

Art for a Cause will go into that fund to go to helping children and families in need on our Reservations. I will make sure it goes into those hands personally that are in need. It will also go to refilling art supplies so I can keep doing Art for a Cause and stay in Galleries and work on staying in art shows to win $$ to donate.

Here is a group of some of my art.

I have a new blog post “New Art” for anyone that would like to see my entire collection.

I have teamed up with a 501-C3 called “Clouds of Love” that I will be donating a few pieces to that will go into a galla and 100% of proceeds are going to help with school lunches in a desolated area.

If you would like to team up let me know I would be more than happy to help with what I can!






Acrylic  By Dawn Piercy
By Dawn Piercy


Acrylic By Dawn Piercy
By Dawn Piercy


Acrylic By Dawn Piercy
By Dawn Piercy


I still am in need of frames for non canvas art.
I still am in need of frames for non canvas art.


Sugar N’ Spice
By Dawn Piercy




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    1. Michele, I will be in a local Gallery soon with my canvas’. Is their anyway you could help #spreadthenews to anyone that is interested in helping Native Americans outside off the reservations and on. The American Indian Center here is not equip enough to even help Natives with no health care. My caretaker even had to leave state (over 1,000 miles) to get his prescriptions here. They get what’s called Indian exemption Number, healthcare is only tax deductible.


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