About me

State of Indiana Regent for Clan Bailey under the Grand Ducal House of Bailey, Host/Producer of ANEW podcast, Super mom, Talent scout for (SSMG) Shared Success Music Group/Universal Music Group Distribution, poet, writer, artist, photography, loving life….my son is my best creation yet. Child of Agent Orange. Love of theater, acting, museums, symphony, culture and photography. I may have disabilities but I don’t let it define me nor my daily life 😉 and family historian.

Rev. Dr. of Philosophy in Religion.
Continuous studies.
Homeschooling teacher.

Autism mom.

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  1. You’re an amazing young woman with a heart full of gold. I wish the best of luck in all your blogging endeavors for this year. Continue expressing yourself! Make a difference in the world, and inspire others to do the same. Take care, love.

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