Long Time

I haven’t blogged in a long time it feels. Last yr. of course I started my podcast and since then my entire drive, passion and focus has been on researching guests, writing bios, interviewing really amazing and inspirational people, talent scouting, homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, I have absolutely no time to even sit and catch up on a half hr show(too much on my mind). In January my mom passed away. I was taking care of her and it was stage 4 lung cancer that took her. So this is where and what I’ve been focused on. I’m still wrapping up taking care of getting her date of death (they want over $400).

I know I’ve got to get back to doing more hobbies that I love for me too. Gotta do something for myself. Painting, reading books and writing I miss. I have a book of poetry that is at editors and feels as if it’s been there forever. I am about to edit and retype myself 😂 😳 yet, where’s those extra hours???

I know for a fact I can use my time more wisely. One thing I can focus on is discipline and structure. I know this sounds crazy but if I write a daily schedule and keep a tight routine to the minute I can get a lot more done. Lol.

If I could just bend time and space right? Quantum physics. All is one is none is everything. As above so below. Matter. Let’s just jump time here for a moment, snap my fingers and boom. No really though. Patience is the virtue of having patience. Right? 🤔 God is good.

Have been meditating and in prayer daily. Riding the 🌊 wave. Focused on staying in the moment (my mind wanders a lot) and getting my house in order so everything falls in place.

Going to California to do in person interviews and set up work and hopefully still get to film. (Gotta sell moms car to get there.) I am honored to say I was asked to write and co-write 2 scripts. One a short film and one a documentary film.

Mariano “Big Dawg’s”Mendoza (my cohost on Big Dawg’s Corner on ANEW podcast) is the creator of both. Master Chankla and Testify. My testimony was chosen to be in a documentary film on how I found God. Trials and tribulations and getting through it tooth and nails. I am so grateful.

So many good things in the future. I am building myself a solid foundation to work off of and am just doing it. Building my future. Only way to do it.

Signing off,

Dawn Piercy

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