ANEW Album Review “CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1” by Dawn Piercy


CONFIGA on the beat 

Configa is a Hip Hop Veteran and raised in the UK. He has worked with many artists from legendary to underground. He has as PhD in Sociology and Cultural studies. This review is on his album releasing soon.

Upon receiving the album CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1 I have to say I was quite intrigued to have a listen. In the intro (cutz by Turntablist Karisma) on the first time (I’ve been listening over and over to each) as I listen and close my eyes I felt as though I was 10 years old again in the 1980’s when The Hip Hop culture was forming and kids played out in the streets with boom boxes blaring, us girls playing jump rope and beat boxers hitting the mic as break-dancers illuminated light….and I didn’t have to be home until the street lights came on. The art of the music and the rhythm and beat to the soul of hip hop. That is what I felt yet with fresh twist of modern day presence.

The second song Configaration Interlude 1 Featuring Chuck D (Public Enemy) Whom is one of many that I followed of the hip hop culture myself into the 90’s. Chuck D as the leader of Public Enemy  helped create politically and socially conscious hip hop music in the mid 80’s. Chuck D welcomes you to the Configaration with a fresh new beat that will definitely get you out of your seat and make you want to dance.

The Album continues to slam fresh beats featuring several artist in a configaration from hip hop to reggae and what I would call going into the 80’s retro twist. You have to get this album. It delivers hit after hit of non stop rhythm, soul and lyrics.

Other artist featured are Reks, Skriblah, Genesis Elijah,Silas Zephania, HaStyle in the 10th song I listened to (which you can watch the video here as well) “Mind Control” which brings to light chaos and mind control, the espionage in society, past as well as present. Definitely hits the nail on the head!

The album also features artist such as John Vietnam in which the 5th track “What’s Your Story” starts with sounds instrumentals such as piano, Drums, conversation and pleasant beats.

Track 7 featuring Sulpacio Jones “U Make My Day” has a beautiful singing voice while the beats remind me of R&B with soul, hip hop and a jazz twist in retro instrumental type of vibe and I absolutely love it.

I can ABSOLUTLEY say if you love hip hop, love the old school style feel with the lyrics, beats that come with fresh new beats that slam from beginning to end then this Album is one that you are gonna have to get for sure!

CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1 has a total of 16 tracks and will be released NOVEMBER 21st On SLAMjamz Records!



I am pleased to announce that CONFIGA will be ANEW guest the first Saturday of January 2018 on ANEW podcast!



Dawn Piercy ©2017




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