Last Night

Last night in the grocery store after purchasing my groceries, my Achilles tendon ruptured again where I had surgery in April. Though it is very bad I am still happy. Why am I happy?  Because I choose to be.

So, remember no matter what your going through don’t ever give up. There is purpose in everything that happens. God is not without his own Divine plan.

I see and hear people complain over small things in life everyday on social media. There is so much chaos in this world it seems to seep into the lives of those that read, watch and hear all that is happening, add a little of your life’s personal upsets and it makes for pure chaos. This is what people need to separate themselves from to be happy and successful in their daily lives.
Choose to not read the horrible things. It doesn’t make it go away, it doesn’t help fix the issue but what it does do is keep your heart, mind and soul from absorbing the negative impact. What it does do is give the negative less attention therefore not to be a source of negative impact on your health and daily living.

The power of intention is a magical deed indeed, what we put out into this world is what we get back.

If you are sad, don’t wallow in your sadness. Get help, reach out, speak into existence your happiness and how you crave it. Be it, become it, live in it because it’s a choice. I am not saying depression is easy to get through by any means because I’ve been there! Depression is a serious chemical imbalance in the brain. I understand that. Get the help you need and as you are make positive changes each day within each breath. Everyday is ANEW day. Every breath is ANEW breath and so on.

Keep negative thoughts at Bay, replace any bad thought with something good, you can actually do that!!! If you think how bad life is think of how good cookies smell or how cute that puppy is… Yes, it is as simple as that! Think if it as oh! I have my sight and that is a blessing, I can walk-that is a blessing, I can hear, I have nice hair, etc…. Because it starts with the small things… These small positive thoughts turn into everyday thoughts in time, add positive things like this in your thought process daily and it will become a habit of positive thoughts…. That is the power of intention. That is how you choose happiness.

If this post can help one person I’ve done my job today on spreading awareness, the power of positive thinking and hope it can help others.

Have a great day by making it so! God bless.

Dawn Piercy 2017


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