The time has come;

The time is now;

Stand up,

Stand strong;

It’s time;

Not to be proud,

Swallow your pride;

For if you do not,

It will break your stride;

All is one

One is none

None has won;

All is everything,

Everything is all,

All is nothing;





Life as we know it

It is ending;

Time for a new beginning;

Begin ANEW,

Every day,

Within each breath,

Life continues;

Pain and Struggle,

Love and Loss,

Life continues;

Take time now,

To prepare,


Life as we know

Will and does change


Learn that though living

Within your pain,

Within your sorrow,

This is where you will find yourself,

Ultimate God source,


This is where

Unity for humanity


This is where

God source shall

Never end;

Cosmic Divine source,

This is what we need;

This is what

Will make us breathe,

Love and peace

May the cosmic Divinity of Divine God source of all space and time be within you on this new journey ahead;

For when you find this your life will begin.

Dawn Piercy ©2017


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