This next Saturday on ANEW podcast….. Prepare yourself V””V it’s gonna be Fangtastic

That’s right.

Prepare yourselves for ANEW podcast guest Father Sebastiaan. He is a Fangsmith, Impressario, Author, known Vampire and Father of the Sabertooth Clan. Yes! You read that correctly!!!

You may have recently seen his interview on FX for The Strain!

He is a writer for the Huffington Post as well as having a new show coming up! So tune in this next Saturday to listen into a world some dare not to explore.

Download in archives now or stream

If you follow me and know my poetry you have seen I am a big Vampire fan V””V. Always have been since I was a wee tiny tot.
I absolutely just had to have him on my show being I have been following his workings and writings for years. I myself am not a member of the Sabertooth Clan but couldn’t say I wouldn’t check out a Vampire ball….😉 Just to check it out. I love being one on Halloween though might I add… And in my comedy shows V””V.

You don’t want to miss this epic interview because it’s Fangtastic!

P.S. I am going to get a pair of his fangs though! V””V

~Dawn Piercy


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