Ok normal blog post here…. yes, that’s right believe it or not… I just have to blog right now for me.

First off, my whole family has been hit so hard far and wide, I feel as though again the Grim Reaper has come.  As everyone that follows me is well aware in 2012 in my group of friends and family we lost a total of over 12 people.  Including my best friend Carrie of 27 yrs, 3 weeks later I lost my father whom was my best friend to Agent Orange.  Last year 4 years later in 2016  I lost my cousin and 2 weeks later lost my husband/ex-husband/ husband (long story) and many others passed away as well.  Now this year…. this year is too close again.  One sister has a husband fighting cancer….. my other sister has a husband fighting cancer only 2 weeks and he recently passed away …. and like the next day or two my aunt out of nowhere get diagnosed with cancer and passes within days and Now,  yes now right NOW my mother whom is my whole world under God, then my son of course and my mom…. she fell, hit her head, hospital accidentally found she has cancer, after some tests found it’s stage 4 terminal cancer.  With chemo she will pass. Without chemo she will pass.

I got my mom started on Xerveo the reishi mushroom coffee(Gano Balance) in it has been known to shrink cancer cells.  Though it’s fast spreading and stage 4 she has felt better in the last 3 days since she started drinking it.  As in mentally clarity and less pain, wanting to do more than she can…. the important thing in all this is her will… she has been the most excellent mother in the world to me.  She just turned 82.. on 8/8… 8:08 am.

And my son’s other grandma in Mexico passed away a couple months ago as well. 😫

Ooh, and another aunt fighting cancer right now too. This is INSANE.

I truly feel sorrow and pain.

I found that during all the time I spent recovering(still am/ slow healer) from my Achilles surgery.  As I was saying I found me in my pain….

In my darkest hour I found my light.

I can live freely now in knowing that I started painting again.  Rock’s….I started painting rocks.  I have a rock painting group on facebook too called painted rock’s galore… and painting another new canvas… eleven… you can see it in a separate post here on dawnpiercy.com .

I’ve learned to take care of me. Keep my well full so I can help others. But have so help myself 1st.  And everything then fell into place.  All aligned in harmony. I found me and my individual connection to God through divine source. My soul connection. Everything is making sense once again as spiritual birth, death and rebirth. I get it now.  But just for right now in the sec, min, hour, breath..can I see, sea, C. all has passed and yet not begin all at the same time.  The numerical matrix of time and space of all that is in its cosmic divine source, was and is to come, all done yet undone as above so below.  God is good. Amen.

I also rebonded with my son.  He had a hard time with so much loss, deep grief.  Still does but he’s made strides… amen… God is good…

I started my podcast and am several weeks ahead schedule… so that really makes me happy! Yeahhhh…. I absolutly love it.  I’m still learning and still watching videos on my broadcasting software so bare with me as fine tune myself, my own personal style in interviewing. I’ve gone live 2x now… my second live was a great interview… had a Mic glitch in the broadcasting software and it disconnected my Mic from broadcasting service on my side only when it updated 15 minutes to show time… but thankfully I recorded it different ways and was able to get it fully on soundcloud but had to run both  sides through audacity to hear me….I was only disconnected on obs(open broadcasting system) not my other software thankfully… saved my interview! That’s the one with Kevin Useni… great interview…

But that has been my families last 2 months,2 yrs& 5 yrs ago in a nut shell.  I know this world is chaos now.  I am well aware of the tension of the outside world.  But my podcast is something I’ve crawled into and allows me to forget the outside world around me… like writing does.

I absolutly love it and want to continue to learn more and more each chance I get. I do believe I’ve found my niche. 😉

And homeschooling my son… that helps heal my soul and heart too.

Thanks for reading!!

Love, peace and fry bread grease…

Dawn Piercy, PhD 2017

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