Podcast coming July 2017

I’m excited to say I NEVER stop bringing something new to the table! I’ve started a podcast that will go live July 2017! I’m excited about this new venture and Will be adding a podcast section to my blog here as well as having a site for ANEW podcast with me,  Anewgirl ~Dawn Piercy add your host!! My webpage is under construction now and new great and exciting interviews with amazing celebrity guests are coming your way! Stay tuned!!! Here is a glance at my website … In the featured section on my home page is where I will be featuring my guest and have an upcoming events calender as well! 

Sneek peak of my podcast website

More on cousins part 3 

I am continuously adding to my family tree on my family tree page for anyone that wants to keep updated on my research findings. I have so far only added direct decent.  Today I will post some cousins and how I am related through different lines. 

If anyone is interested in all my cousins I may post them at some point.  Let me know. 

Dawn Piercy, PhD 

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