May Flowers

As many are aware my Achilles had given out and ruptured on a tiny Lego in March…I wrote about it in my post “March Madness”. I am now well on my way to healing. It’s been crazy wearing 2 boots to get around in.  Don’t get me wrong…I am grateful to be out of the wheelchair for the most part. My wheels are being repaired as a write… had a fun day of it slamming me into various walls, doors, running over the cats tail… let me tell you! 

I’m the thick of things as soon as I was able to hobble I went and purchased a new to me vehicle.

I have also picked up painting rocks while on the road to recovery,  was able to print out 30 years of poetry to finally get my book of poetry published as well as getting back into the groove of keeping my health a top priority.

I felt like I was having a mid life crisis thinking I could keep my health up and try to work… that did not work out well at all.  Having disabilities is really hard when I was putting pressure on myself to be someone I wasn’t.  Yes, I miss working. not going to lie.

Acceptance is key here.   So after the madness of March & April showers I bring to you May Flowers….and taking control back of where I need to be!
Dawn Piercy, PhD


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