New Art

I have a ton of new art coming your way! On a painting frenzy and its definitely a good thing of you are into art! I am still painting rocks too… if anyone is interested in any of my work let me know! It could be gone in a blink of an eye!!!
“ELEVEN” acrylic


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May Flowers

As many are aware my Achilles had given out and ruptured on a tiny Lego in March…I wrote about it in my post “March Madness”. I am now well on my way to healing. It’s been crazy wearing 2 boots to get around in.  Don’t get me wrong…I am grateful to be out of the wheelchair for the most part. My wheels are being repaired as a write… had a fun day of it slamming me into various walls, doors, running over the cats tail… let me tell you!  Continue reading “May Flowers”

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