March Mood Madness

At the beginning of this month I wanted to blog about March Miracles. Not so as of now. As anyone knows that follows my blog,  I am 2nd generation Agent Orange.  My father was directly sprayed on and inhaled Agent Orange while being a 2 tour Commanding Officer in Vietnam and he lay the communication lines to spy and listen to the enemy at the time.  It was so saturated in him the dioxin mutated the DNA in his sperm, in turn passing the genetic mutation into my DNA. I can not escape my genetic mutation.  This in turn while having a congenital deformity of my femur bones has caused many issues.

On the bright sunny day of the Spring Equinox last Monday I was walking in my home and stepped on a tiny lego.  This tiny lego caused a 90% tear of my Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon is now hanging by a thread and moving up into my calf.  Upon results of the MRI the rest of my ankle is torn up from past injuries as well.  I have surgery to try and repair the Achilles tendon this next week.  If however they are unable to repair my Achilles and around they may have no other choice then to amputate my leg from the knee down.

As a single mother of a special needs 3rd Gen A.O. child I am terrified to even fathom a thought anywhere near past this second. I will look at the fact that I am grateful to have an electric wheelchair and if need be I will get use to it once again.
I must carry on, keep my head held high and know that I can still do everything I do now, I’ll just be shorter from sitting.  I don’t have to be ok with it but I know I have to have acceptance no matter what the outcome may be.  Keep a positive attitude and know that my son seeing me this strong and happy despite pain will strengthen him beyond measures.

I can say without a doubt that I have anger twords the American government for spraying Agent Orange on our troops but I know that is the price of war, the price that comes with being in a military family. I am grateful and proud that my father served. I would not ever change that.  I know I can wish all I want but know it will change not anything.  Nor the fact that I am in a way serving my country by dying from the effects of 2nd generation Agent Orange. I am a child of war. A casualty that will not go down without a fight. For its not only my fight but every veteran that served and suffers the effects of Agent Orange and their children’s as well.  I believe we should have the right to sue the government for taking our lives without asking and have our Healthcare paid in full for the rest of our lives!

I hope by sharing this it will give hope to others suffering to know you are not alone.

United we Stand

Divided we Fall.

Blessings and peace to all.

Dawn Piercy, PhD  2017

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