DNA test results 

wp-1488922866758.pngOk.  Those that follow know I am big into my genealogy. I took the time to get a DNA test to confirm my family tree findings. I thought I was Native American being I had 3 direct family members on the trail of tears and they all had roll numbers. Come to find all 3 of them were freeman….African and not Native American! I found in my ANCIENT DNA I am 46% ancient Egyptian,  44% ancient Syrian and 10% ancient Georgian! What!!! My family then migrated through Bethlehem, Jordan stayed awhile then to France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Norway, British Isles, Russia, etc. ALL Royals, except the 1%. I am and have been confirmed that I am a member of the “Holy Royal family” and am decent of the original 13 families…this is insane awesome.  So looking forward to meeting new cousins and one day hope to travel to visit my family’s castles.

Dawn Piercy, PhD 2017





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