March Mood Madness

At the beginning of this month I wanted to blog about March Miracles. Not so as of now. As anyone knows that follows my blog,  I am 2nd generation Agent Orange.  My father was directly sprayed on and inhaled Agent Orange while being a 2 tour Commanding Officer in Vietnam and he lay the communication lines to spy and listen to the enemy at the time. Continue reading “March Mood Madness”


Good theory: Share article with:


Share article with: Re: elongated skulls

I have my own take on this.  But it may be just me.  Some people are actually born naturally this way.  My son was.  I was told to place him in a helmet for 23 hrs a day, 7 days a week, and I did, he wore the helmet until he was 15 months old.  Some people are born with or develop this shape. Continue reading “Share article with: Re: elongated skulls”


DNA test results 

wp-1488922866758.pngOk.  Those that follow know I am big into my genealogy. I took the time to get a DNA test to confirm my family tree findings. I thought I was Native American being I had 3 direct family Continue reading “DNA test results “


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