January Goodness

Ok so I know sooooo much chaos is embarking on and in the world I wanted to take the time to reflect all the positive things going on in my little world. Of course I am an optimist and I always look to see the light in whatever situation is going on around me and within. Starting with this January 2017 has been so full of wonderful things for me personally.  

To start off the new year  I got to be a co-host on “abc News Radio” (link below), I had a blast interacting with the other Co-host as well as the one and only Aaron Sanchez.  It was awesome! I have since then won an awesome pair of titanium earphones which I am expecting in the mail,  I won close to $26 on the Win It app and have been able to get everything planned for my son’s 9th Birthday party.

I know it don’t seem like much to some and most likely too much from those that would like to see me fail but to me it is just so awesome! I am a person that makes a choice to be happy each morning no matter what I am going through personally/physically and that sets my day for excitement, happiness and enlightenment. I also know I am far from knowing much about anything except knowing I am a student of life. I may have a PhD but it’s all studies. I am ok with that. I have been teaching my son the importance of mediating and praying daily to show him the positive things and positive people it brings into our lives.

Since these positive things have been coming into fruition a few individuals decided I was too happy and positive for them to be around and they have left my life. I am ok with that because I am opening the door to only good, positive and enlightening moments in my life to help bring me to who I am meant to be. 🤗

Here is the 48 minute abc News Radio episode I got to co-host 🤗 how cool…

Enjoy and as always love, peace and Fry bread grease.

Dawn Piercy, PhD 2017

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