Where Are You?


#truth STOP lowering yourself to tasteless acts of # #bullying NOTHING gets done to improve the situation except for #hate … #love yourself. Am I nervous for the county? Yes.  But I won’t allow myself to worry about it and take over my life either. It’s a #New year and it’s also a 1. New beginnings,  fresh starts. Every decision we make personally at this very second matters. It is going to make you or break you. Only you have control over it.  Choose not to argue. Choose not to fight.  Choose faith, hope, light, strength, dignity and love. You can NOT pull planks out of another’s eyes before you have pulled your own splinters out of yours.  I know I make harsh statements at times and can be deemed cruel. I am ok with that because I stand for honor,  swift justice and morals. I see that if there is chaos to wipe it away quickly.  That is only an opinion. My opinion. It matters, it counts. Every human has a right to an opinion,  that is our right.  #humanrights . If we don’t come together now in #peace #prophecies will be fulfilled.  I know I stand with #god myself #source. Where will you stand? That is the question.

So what if this innocent child has #autism #autismawareness. #educate DON’T #hate!

My son has autism. The present first family right now is #Trump. Whether we like it or not.  Chaos with chaos doesn’t work! Wake up people! The law states that you can be arrested on treason I believe…I may be wrong…I’ll have to brush up on the law…for threatening ANY U.S.A president…that’s something that needs to stay in place for a reason. Or do you really want war here at home in America when is going on all over the world already? We are a nation divided at the moment. When we need to all be standing as one. One with ourselves, one connected to its cosmic source. Creation itself. Across the galaxies.  One with God.

Dawn Piercy, PhD 2017


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