My Life in 2016 

This year has been one of the hardest years that I have had in a very long time. Well, closer too how 2012 went with losing person after person.  Another 4 deaths in a row this year.  Of course nothing close to what it was like losing my father in 2012 but I lost my son’s step father.  It was really hard seeing my boy go through so much inner turmoil.  

I have to be sure and count my blessings daily to keep my heart and my head above water.

Even though 2016 brought alot of heartache it also brought many blessings.  My son chose God and accepted Christ. He was baptized. My mom is still alive.  Our missing cat came home.  I have gotten to meet a ton of new and awesome people.  Found peace and joy.  Had some awesome moments with my friends and made new friends and reconnected with old ones too. So all in all I really can’t complain about anything but gaining some weight back.  I should’ve not ate those extra cookies but I couldn’t resist.

I also made great strides in my family history and found new family and cousins. That was awesome.  It also turned me upside down for a few because I thought I knew who I was yet I had not a clue. Couldn’t ever get past 1800’s and those that had walked on the trail of tears but I did. Amazingly thorough countless hours of research.

I am looking forward to 2017! I feel good things in the making and am really looking forward to keeping in the moments and cherishing every second. And blogging more too.

I wish everyone of you a Happy New Year!

Remember everything works when you work it!

Love, peace and Fry bread grease

Dawn Piercy, PhD 2016

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