Don’t Be a PANSY

Some people can be such PANSIES. People DO recover, people CAN change when they want to.  Someone else’s recovery is NOT your business.
GOD is good.  If he wasn’t  I wouldn’t be here.  Many don’t really know me.  They know who I was before my addiction or they know me now with 15 years after being off dope. I am proof that we can recover. Stick a sock in it.  Getting clean was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life and I am NOT alone. $1500 a day habit.  I am clean.  15 years! We DO recover.  If I could DO it anyone can.

If you or anyone is struggling with addiction,  get out now! GET help.  It works if you work it!

Get to a meeting NOW. Get a SPONSOR. Read the 12 steps,  then do more then read them.  WORK them. SAVE yourself!

A few have gotten clean without the steps.  I personally recommend them myself.  I worked them with a sponsor. SAVED my life.
I NOTE that you can NOT judge another lest you be judged yourself.
You can NOT take a splinter out of someone’s else’s eye when you have a plank in your own.
Next time you talk to me remember GOD hears your mouth and knows your heart, mind and soul.
Takes a lot of balance to walk in the light and the dark. I have managed to walk both at the same time. Heed this warning.  I am as DARK as I am LIGHT.

Meaning? I will pray for you,  pray for myself,  pray for everyone.  Just don’t piss me off. I will either cut you completely out,  curse your ass or knock you out.  I’m just saying.

Yes,  you read that right.

Have a great day!

Dawn Piercy, PhD 2016



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