Cousins Part 2

Was playing around with the relative finder last night and took some screenshots…this is actually really cool…it is my cousins of course but none the less…oh and shows how I’m related to who…pretty cool…I’m the yellow living person. 

I took the time today to learn about each cousin as well as some direct ancestors and who they where as a person.  I had absolutely no idea who some of them where. Growing up in theatre and being a poet myself as well as a book in working on and have been for quite sometime I hear the name, love the work,  starred in a theatre play of a few even.  My father’s favorite author was his own cousin! Imagine that…lol… I want to thank my ancestors and family tree for being great contributors to society…I have always loved your inventions and inspirations you’ve given to the world! Thank you…I found Jesse James and Butch Cassidy on there too…I’m not going to thank them though…lol…or the people that do offense but…lol


Dawn Piercy, PhD  2016


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