Need vs Want

As anyone that follows me knows.  My blog usually consist of a few straight categories.  About me, my poetry, my Art, Family History, Photography and a plan here and there which let’s face it, I sometimes get derailed. Life happens.  I have mostly learned everything the hard way and I learn and have learned from my mistakes.  I am not insane.

I have been experiencing life at its hardest one thing after another.  I know it is trials and tribulations.  God always has a plan.  I always stuck it up and move on.  I have never been one to grovel long. I am blessed enough to know my life experiences happen to help me grow into the woman God intended.

Though my faith is my rock my trials and tribulations are testing me beyond what I have been tested before.  I WANT to lash out and grab any issue by the throat and turn it to dust. But I know spiritually that is not the way.

I know I NEED to give it all to God and set myself free.  Pray and meditate to not speak when it is not needed and know through discernment with spirit when to speak up and be heard.  That NO person will walk on my spirit or self yet I NEED not to be rash in my reaction or action.

3 weeks ago we lost my cousin Tina.  Yesterday I lost my ex husband which we had remained friends but he was the only father (step) that my son had up until he started taking to his biological father which is awesome.  He was loved by many. He was a good man that did for others alot before he would do for himself. But things he had done to himself through the years over took his. His daughter and other family are grieving so much as well. So please keep them in your prayers.

My mom was rushed to hospital last Friday and she was moved into rehabilitation today from hospital and they said assisted living or hospice from rehab. I say let her make the choice and move in with me.  I will take care of her. She can still do some things but needs extra help.

I am starting to feel numb.  I WANT to let myself just scream and rant and rave though I wouldn’t.

I NEED to let it all go and give it to God.

And to the really rude individual that tries to rub me into the dirt. God is watching you. He is who you have to answer to.  My spirit and soul are protected well and you will not penetrate into my peace that I have with myself and with God so I will keep you in my prayers tough I’d rather knock you into the dirt like you tried to with me.

Dawn Piercy, PhD

Today at Park

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