Dimensions Deep

You come to visit, Yet do not see Until it is too Late, Then jump to leave; Guardians near And All around, Home is my Sanctuary, no trouble shall Be found; For if it is, I will send it off And Thre…

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What does one do?

What is one to do? Sit and contemplate? Knowing that the anger And Fury within another soul, Wants to split Wants to tear Ranting about Pacing, Adrenaline racing; Looking for the next One to pull T…

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Need vs Want

As anyone that follows me knows.  My blog usually consist of a few straight categories.  About me, my poetry, my Art, Family History, Photography and a plan here and there which let’s face it, I sometimes get derailed. Life happens.  I have mostly learned everything the hard way and I learn and have learned from my mistakes.  I am not insane.

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