Back to blogging once and for all at the moment! It has been one wild and crazy year this last year! Oh my.

Last year I finished my studies and received my PhD. I thought to take it a step further and finish advanced Real Estate training and finished that. I bought a real estate investment company, was short on time to close a deal. Was given 7 days instead of 30, I was new so I took the deal and it flopped. Not to say I wasn’t good at my job. I loved it, but as the deal went south my company bills did as well. I am now no longer in the real estate business. Not to say I don’t love it because I did and still do but I ran out of resources to move forward. I still am signed with a Note company but unless I sell some NOTES I’m out of business. Let’s take the good and leave the bad.

I learned a lot, I pushed myself and succeeded at finishing what I started and am very proud of myself for doing so.

The stress I had that accompanied the business however drive my health issues into a hill. I have SLE and when I get stressed out it flares up. So now I’m just nurturing myself back to my potential of carrying on. I will prevail.

Now to my next adventure. Where will it take me? Well, I have absolutely no idea given the fact I never had a back up plan…lol. hmmm. I never lost my SSDI due to never making a dime. Can I say again that I’m glad I flopped? Yes, due to my health, absolutely. I didn’t quit, I didn’t even really fail, I just ran out of resources to move forward and became ill from stress due to the lupas. So given that. That has been my year in a nut shell.

I did have a couple comedy shows last year. I was going to perform this last May but didn’t receive my email of the time and day I went up until a day, yes, a day after my show! I emailed cracker’s comedy but yet to hear a response.

I am actually going to focus on getting my autobiography finished and just continue writing. Poetry is my passion but I know this autobiography is the hardest thing I’ve ever worked on because, well, it makes me feel very vulnerable, open, exposed. This is the real reason I’ve been frozen in time. It’s time to get the heater out and defrost myself, period.

Oh! I chopped of all my hair, am homeschooling and I am still painting too.

Also, family history is amazing! For those that follow my family history I have some exciting news, I am connected with and a few others now and will be able to share all the info once I get my tree corrected, I somehow made 3 of me and 2 of my mom’s… Buaha… Once I connect those correctly I can soar.

Dr. Dawn Piercy 2016


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