I found an entire new line of Monarch on my mom’s side.  That part of my mother’s family protected my dad’s side before they tried to snuff Henry Percy out! But guess what!!!!??? I have papers on my family House of Percy that states Henry and Lady Mary Talbot had a son, my family had to of told them that William Percy/Pearcy was stillborn but my family has his death certificate records.  They hid him 🙂 and here I am,  from all my family lines,  all of the Royal lines meet again in America with me Dawn Piercy 😀 family history is awesome. …I am Native American as well.  FULL CIRCLE 😉
Well,  all of the Royal houses -minus
House of Windsor & Hanover.

To me. Being a Doctor of Philosophy,  doing and working on family history proves that these greats lived,  the people of the Bible are on my family tree.  We are all related.  There is only one God. Zeus, Odin and many other great  God’s and Goddesses are on my family tree. They lived and walked this earth as Jesus did, as well as other prophets from ALL other religions! All this war has to stop,  we all are children of God. We are all related.  Amen.
I am going to add a gallery of the new ancestors on my Family History page.

Dr. Dawn Piercy, PhD



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