Family History

I have found recently that people were told that my line was stillborn or does not exist at all.  Yet here I stand, here I write this. I found I am a direct decent of  Henry Percy and Lady Mary Talbot of Northumberland, England. I am going to post the legitimate and alive and well heirs of Henry Percy and Lady Mary Talbot.

I exist, my son exist, my father and grandfather exist.


This is my son, me, so on.



For some reason,we were taken out of our family as heirs so someone else in the family could be heirs.  That is fine and dandy but the fact remains.  Who?  Who has and who is living on my family’s property?  That rightfully goes to Henry Percy and Lady Mary Talbot heir, people were told his child was stillborn and he had no other children.  Truth?  He was hidden!  By whom?  For safety?

We, this line, his heirs are in the United States of America.  When he hid out running for his life did he actually come and hide his child? Or did someone in Mary’s Family have their son hid?  Tell everyone he was stillborn?

Whatever the case may be.  We are still here!



Dr. Dawn Piercy, PhD ,2015


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