After 27hrs + advanced training in 3 days

Recently so much has happened in my life. I don’t know where to start.

First off as a child I had to career dreams. One of them I spoke of earlier as Entertainment. I grew up in theater, dance, and much much more. I started taking summer college classes at the age of 8 and never stopped. My point being I had 3 dreams/career goals growing up, one was to be an artist, one for entertainment/theatre,acting,  dance etc., the third one. buy and sell homes, residential and commercial.

Before my accidents and disabilities taking a major part of my time every job I ever did was to train for buying and selling homes real estate school, hotel management, front desk, leasing corporate, accounting, bookkeeping, executive, real estate school. This is all the training I had before I got short term amnesia and got hit by a car and fractured my back and broke my collarbone and I held up and in on April 26th 2000 I got hit by taxi. I ended up spending four years in a wheelchair had 12 spinal surgeries, as well as way too much more.

Now that I am a mom and I still have disabilities due not only to the spinal issues but also being a child of Agent Orange. 2nd generation. My son is 3rd.

My disabilities are not vanishing but my time being a victim has ended.  I am NOT a disability it dies not define who I am as a person so I stopped purring myself in that category.

I as a driven mother, to a quite brilliant child that is savant, aspergers,  which I also dealt with personally,  I want to show him, no matter what we, he, goes through, we got this, I got this!

Getting to the point.  I had an opportunity laid out in front of me.  A solid, building, life changing, dream I worked so hard for before life happened.

I jumped at the opportunity to invest in my career as I did at my strongest in life.  I took it.  I was asked to work for a company that the same guys works with that have a TV show I really need to check out.  Vegas Flip. ..on A&E and Rentors Renovation on HGTV.

The job offer was to send me to advanced Real estate school.  I went, I conquered and rose. ..I took a chance on me, the work smart me and purchased my own Real-Estate Investment company.  I am in the process of putting together my own power team and I am actually really excited because I love paperwork and people.  😀 it relaxes me. 

I’m actually doing this.  I have mentors and a company of awesome team members that I see excel and I know I can too. But only as much as I put in it. 

So, I am not going to say,  omg,omg,omg. I’m just taming this step by step and make sure I do this right and always keep in mind why I’m doing it!  I’m doing it for me, I’m doing it to show and teach my boy, dreams do come true when you put thoughts into words, always pray, and always help others. ..but I know I can only help myself by putting God first and keeping me and my house in order so I can give my boy the best in life. ..continuous knowledge.

P.s. they are reimbursing my student loan and helping me move forward in my continuous education.  😀

Dr. Dawn Piercy, PhD

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