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Dr. Dawn Piercy:

Yes, it’s true, I gained some weight back :-0 don’t worry your pretty human heads though! I’m already working on it!  #truth #not ashamed I lost too much too fast and I wasn’t completely comfortable so I forced myself to gain weight.  I am still 100 lbs down from my heaviest, so I know I can do this!

Dr. Dawn Piercy, PhD 2015


Tomorrow I go do Stand-Up Comedy @CrackersComedy. I am happy and most likely will be over silly….it’s only 6 minutes and I have a good skit I’ve written. ..I know the time will go fast… :-0 …the feeling I get when when I’m speaking, on stage, theatre, whatever. I feel as though it’s the only time I feel free. 

I get excited and am more me than I have ever been even with my closest friends of over 25 years.  I can do and say what I want, whatever I think due to the fact that so many of my thoughts are NOT put into action. But yet it’s an entirely different universe

I am excited to share my thought process and hope so many more can enjoy it as those in my life do 😉

GOD is Good
Be Grateful I’m NOT a scientist!


My finger nails match these flowers. .. 😀
Care Bear 216

Dr. Dawn Piercy

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