Important information for all Veterans that served until 2009

I have to share this as being affected by this personally.  I am a child of war, my father died from Agent Orange as well as many others affected by this.

If you served during this time. Up til 2009-present and after Vietnam War and are ill and your children are ill as well.  Blessings to you all.

I am also a proud member of

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United we stand,  divided we fall.

Dawn Piercy, PhD 2015




Bare with me as I make some awesome changes to my website that will allow you to be able to easily browse all of my blog and not just basics.  Until then feel free to browse it may just raise your brows in shock 😉 my poetry is very deep.  Take a peek.  You know you want to.  🙂

Dr. Dawn Piercy, PhD 2015




I have decided to further my studies. Yes, I #amwriting as well as enjoy doing stand up comedy, being an artist, poet among a trillion other things I seem to have a knack at.

I’m looking to continue enjoying being a stand up comedian. It’s fun. I have chosen to further my studies in ancient scripture historian studies as well as other areas.

I have 3 more languages to learn, French, Hebrew and ancient Latin. Though excited. I live only at this moment. It will take time, much time to get where I’m going and I’m happy with that. Just so excited to get to further my studies as I do what I can around me at the same time 🙂

Blessings to all!
1 God 1 nation


Love, peace and frybread grease 😉

Dr. Dawn Piercy, PhD

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