Wow…So Much

So much has happened since my last blog.

I finished my final for my PhD in Philosophy of Religion (Universal)

I passed!!!!!!! I am now Dr. Dawn Piercy, PhD, OM lol
I can literally say that now πŸ˜€
After I place my diploma in a nice frame I will post pics.

Dr. D?
Dr. Dawn?
Medicine for the soul. πŸ˜‰


Something very unexpected happened.
So I started traction again for my spine, physical therapy, adjustments 2x week each one. I have a driver that gets paid to pick me up, take me to my appointments ($200 saved in gas ever 4 weeks, only to that appointment-traction).

I had been approached in the past more than a few times about being a comedian. Always, I said NO. Why?
I had a great career before my disabilities changed my life, even though I grew up on stage and in theater… I was too busy living.
       3 week’s ago my driver and I were talking and laughing and he asked me if I was interested in doing stand up. I didn’t think much about it and said I would think about it. He asked me at the end if that week if I was interested in doing stand up comedy again. Then he said he was serious and he would set it up and be my agent if I would do it. To really think about it.

The following week on my way to traction he brought it up again and I said, yeah sure, why not?

So I get information from him and sent in a little bio about myself, wrote a 3 minute skit… Paused… Talked to the comedy club the next day after sending my email. We talked, he laughed and told me they were booked way out, weeks out, they check their email 2x a week, I would here from someone within a couple weeks.
         So I called my driver/agent guy and let him know.

The next day I had an email with the date and night I go up live. I have a ton of angles to go at with this and I’m really excited.

I found my highschool transcripts about a week and a half ago and I had a timeline for my career wrote out. I have accomplished and done everything in my plans and plus more than I ever thought possible, 1, just 1 thing I had not completed as a “career” goal
” Performing Arts ”


I am a little shrude, dry, off, sometimes sadistic, twisted naturally in my sense of humor πŸ˜€ having Aspergers Syndrome and moving from city to city growing up I had to learn to survive. Being comical in life when it’s, well, life. That is bred into who and how I was raised, it’s me Dawn Piercy, Dr. Dawn Piercy πŸ™‚ PhD…. Yes, I am proud… That was years of studying! (Student for life)

I survive by seeing the funny side of things that mostly play out as if it were a movie in my head. I literally am pictorial, in learning, what have you. I see words in pictures and thoughts in pictures that takes me to a far away place.
This compensated for the horrible things I experienced and bear witness to growing up.

Not my family of course… Well, lol, ok sometimes but.
Other people doing things to other people.

In doing stand up comedy, I can do this. I actually think I will really like it. πŸ™‚


Those are my mom’s easter eggs. She is 79 and she rocks!

Love, Peace & Frybread Grease

~Dr. Dawn Piercy, PhD 2015


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