Random Thoughts

Spring trails
Dawn Piercy©2015

Paperwork relaxes me, while being grounded by gravity my head can still yet be in the clouds. Yet I know I must keep my feet on the ground and know where I tread. If I miss a step, I can drop down, fall to the  ground, I won’t make a sound but my heart wants to pound a head to the ground, is not the sound of another soul that had been taken a life of mistake and then death again, breathe again,

~Dawn Piercy ©2015

Birds Nest





Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of my best friend(of 27 yrs) death. She was a big part of my life as well as many others… Drugs kill.
She has a memorial tree.
I rearranged the decorations that had been placed last month which she would have been 39 this year. She died of a heroin overdose.
Addiction kills.

Jails, institutions and death.
Her death has served as a reminder as to why I stay clean.

I love and miss you Carrie Ann Aikman!

2 of my besties… This is 15 years ago.
Carrie is in the middle ……I guess it’s an emotional time of the year for me… In 2012 alone… So many people that I knew had passed away. My father’s will be April 10th,2012, 3 year anniversary for him as well… As 2 uncles that are 3 yr and too many more… Wow… Can we say the Grimm Reaper came to town that year. Well, it seems to be such a normal thing anymore.

~Dawn Piercy

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