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I chose my education to be in philosophy because I am more spiritual than religious. I study all religion. I had a hard time growing up. I’m Native American but carry an Ablian gene….(all great great, great and grandparents are Native Americans and walked the trail of tears. My grandparents where born in 1908 and 1912, 1918 and 1921).
  (Paternal) I found through records I in 1790 that the Piercy/Percy family came to America from Ireland and North Cumberland, England. House of Percy. When they came here their children married a Native American. William Clark… I am working on patients to see if it is the William Clark from expedition. It states in papers passed down he is from West Virginia and ended up in Missouri.
  (Maternal) I have linked back all through trail of years to Cahokia, Illinois and Oklahoma have all roll numbers except one person in Early 1800’s a white woman with last name of Lively. My g.g.g grandfather (her dad) was only survivor of the Lively Groove massacre… The entire family was slaughtered except he was hunting in woods when the massacre took place now in now known Lively Grove, Illinois, named after our families massacre. Also working on getting my grandmother’s ancestry work through our church. She told me before passing that she has the papers linking to another white person that came to United States of America. Mary Queen of Scots/King James/ Anne of Denmark/ the Princess that was to be Queen, refused too marry for the crown, married the courts gardener, they where going to stone her to death and they ran away to New England off the East Coast. I’m excited to learn about my family history and the deep roots of philosophy And military.

    I state this due to not being at all informed of my race at all growing up. ( I thought I was Caucasian, my parents didn’t know either. My grandparents told me what they had hid from my parents. I dug and dug.

Fought religious beliefs within life, within myself. So I just dedicated my time to philosophy of universal religion and also follow my culture as a native woman. As well as our belief system spiritually.

I was raised Mormon. My first husband was Catholic and I didn’t get baptized until 1999. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. Yes, I am Mormon. As well as Native American 🙂
Have had 3 marriages 2 divorces and 1 annulment.

I live both paths. I follow 1 Creator.

It is going to feel strange at first when I finish my final exam. Then, pray I pass… Lol…
I will have my PhD. Dr. Dawn Piercy

Dawn Piercy-2014


This is a White on black drawing i did. I will be searching for a fancy frame to compliment it.
I am going to have copies made for sale as well.

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