Art for a Cause/2015


To see all of my Art please click on Art For a Cause.

One of the reasons Art for Cause is so important to me is due to the fact that if it were not for others helping where they could when and where I have been helped before like for example, after our apartment fire. Our neighbor blew up our apartment building and I moved my son and I a whopping 14 times in 3 years until we had a solid foundation that I had to build on my own due to losing my sons father to deportation.

I started Art for a Cause because there are too many people that work really hard and have insurance but they cannot yet quite seem to get the help that they need.

There is a 501-C3 Not for Profit Organization I am interested in helping. It’s called the “Urban NDN League.”

I chose the Urban NDN League in Indiana and further rounding States due to the fact that in the state of Indiana we have over 40 thousand card holding Native Americans and when I say Native Americans I mean born on the reservation or has a parent or grandparent are there from the reservation and they left to try to find something better not that there is anything better, the grass is not always greener on the other side and this is what people need to understand we have a separate nation from the United States government, we have a separate state government in the state that one reservation should reside in. Yet, if a Native American leaves the reservation and they get ill even though we have full insurance and social security card and we might have some type of supplemental insurance paying for insurance what have you, we get our families going, get kids in school just like everybody else living in the city, living life just like anybody else and we get sick, we need medication go to the doctor, but they can’t help you for anything that happened to you before you left the reservation, why?
To the due fact that Indian Health Services.(IHS) Doctors are not allowed to speak with any doctors that are outside of Indian Health Services due to the fact that the reservation is a separate entity from the United States of America.

Entitle, if someone gets ill even if it’s something that is from the family(DNA) you cannot be treated for it. You have to go back to Indian Health services to get your medication. The closest place to go get your medication because they can’t transfer to a pharmacy is in Chicago, Illinois. There they can only prescribed cold medicine you “cannot” actually get your test done at that location (x-rays, any testing) to be able to get that done you either have to go to Michigan or I believe it is Minnesota. With this in hand, this is a cause, this is a “just” cause and I need your help in helping others I have Art for sale, I have jewelry for sale these proceeds besides being able to get more art supplies and to be able to keep painting and making jewelry goes 100 % into Urban NDN League. If at some point they do not need help then I can choose another Art for a Cause project that may be in higher need at the time.

This is causing a few to lose their jobs due to traveling out of state to get help. It breaks up families and some lose homes.

For more information. DM on Twitter @dawnpiercy976


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