Couple new pics of me and how I’m doing with weight loss πŸ™‚
And my little man and I …


Me and little man πŸ˜‰


He’s being so big πŸ˜€ I’m still working on getting smaller… I’ve plateaued… No lie πŸ˜€





Dawn Piercy Β©2014


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  1. Congratulations on taking the hard step of leading a healthier lifestyle. It can really make a big difference but it takes a lot of hard work, as you probably already know.

    Also, your child looks almost like my brother when he was younger. I had to click because he looked so familiar.


    1. It’s been a journey in itself. I grew up in great shape but after being hit by a vehicle and in a wheelchair for over 4 years I had gained 197lbs in 14 months. I have lost a total of 150 lbs now with allot of hard work that I would do again and again πŸ™‚ thank you


      1. That is something that you need to be as tough as a bullet to get through, and it looks to me like you are progressing very well.

        I didn’t have an accident but I did have heart failure and a transplant recently. I, too, am gaining some weight due to the medicines but I’m trying my best to keep as much weight off ass possible. Life isn’t easy but it’s no excuse to just give up. Keep fighting!


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