Turkey Day


Last night, my family and I did something different. We went to a long time family friends house for Thanksgiving. Being Native American when I go to say Thanksgiving I usually say happy Turkey Day. I am very thankful for many things today that I had taken for granted for too long.
1) Creator
2) My son
3)My mom is still here
4) My long time standing friends of almost 30 years
5) I am grateful for a lot more of course… Too much to list.



Hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving 🙂


Couple new pics of me and how I’m doing with weight loss 🙂
And my little man and I …


Me and little man 😉


He’s being so big 😀 I’m still working on getting smaller… I’ve plateaued… No lie 😀





Dawn Piercy ©2014



Our new Xmas tree…
I still need to decorate it but, it’s still beautiful…

#amwriting or shall I say I ended my word count for the day at #21,212 😀 I love that number.

I’m exhausted… Going to watch a scary movie and crash. Hope everyone is safe in this crazy weather we have been having in the Midwest of the U.S. 😉
-Dawn Piercy ©2014



Taking a break and relaxing by the fire #amwriting #wordcount 20,565
Thought I would take the opportunity to upkeep my blog and I took advice from a fellow writer friend from Twitter that I have had the opportunity to get to know, she is very inspiring and one thing that she told me when I had a question is …
( follow her on Twitter @AuthorJamie …
Jamie Lee Scott -AKA- Jamie Livingston)

“When you are writing a series, a novel, what have you, don’t look back.”

Don’t take the time to look back because you will stop writing. You will start revising and you will start editing and you will start revising again and it’s a vicious cycle that never stops. I have found this to be more true in writing. Being a writer for more than 20 years i have found that there is so many words running in my mind, thousands at a time, which one shall I use? Which one shall I choose? Coulda, woulda, shoulda, what have you. I’ve decided to take this advice and just do it . And not the Nike way either or maybe.
I have to finish this. My book.
I want and need to do this for me and I need to do it for my son. I want to be able to help others for I feel that when I’m helping others I’m helping myself but if I don’t tell my story, there’s too many that will suffer on a daily basis when they don’t need to.

My story is full of humor, it’s full of pain, it’s a dark twisted tragic joyful horrendous ride.

And if you, yes you, the reader wants to go on a journey and grow and learn and you are going through what I’ve not only been through, a walk through and dealt with and learned to live with it to become better and stronger on the inside and spiritually? If so, you are going to want to take this ride.

I hope it inspires you I hope it gives you the desire to inspire and be who you were meant to be by being put here on this earth each as individual essence.

Dawn Piercy ©2014
signing off


I am going to have a ton of changes coming to my blog. First off, when I started this blog it was going to be for writing only, poetry,my books, sneak peeks, photography, what have you. In turn it has become an extension of who I am on a daily basis, ups and downs, art, everything from a brother to a mother. I am going to be making my own private domain here and really just let this flourish and thrive. To unfold into untold stories of horror, humor, hardships and joy. Life as we all know it. I hope each and everyone of you can find something shocking, inspirational, humorous,anything to fill that space inside of us all that all needs filled.

The new name of this blog/website will become……Get ready for it! DawnPiercy.com I’m thinking…if that happens to be taken, well I guess I will have to find another name…LOL

Love,Peace & Frybread grease

-Dawn Piercy 2014©

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