Bubble Wrap Can Be… Funny?

Lol. Had to share.

Lynette Noni


I received the following email from one of my new suppliers at work and I just thought it was fabulous. I mean, it’s about bubble wrap. Bubble wrap! How can an email about bubble wrap be anything other than boring and dry? Well, have a read and see for yourself:

It is my pleasure to inform you that your PACKMEN Bubble Wrap is ready to be shipped.

You will be pleased to know that I personally supervised our production team of ninjas as they delicately moulded each bubble. Only the finest quality air from the Himalayan Mountains was harvested to fill each parcel of air bubble.

Your PACKMEN Bubble Wrap was then carried aloft to our packaging temple, where our white-gloved Oompa Loompas ensured it met our sky-high standards.

I could only smile as your order was collected by six fine horsemen from our production facility. The roar of 100…

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