Who would like to get back to the bloody graphics I stared this blog off with?
My twisted poetry? With a side of graphics?


New Detail

New and finished details to New Wallet.




Designed one of a kind foldable classy wallet for Woman.

Thunders Reign is now a ®Trademark home business for non profit events, gifts and personal use.

Right now everything is tax-deductible. Anytime I choose to do a charity event, ALL proceeds will go to VFW, American Legion, CoVVa and to help raise awareness for Autism. I will start little and build over time. 

All custom hand made Authentic Native American, always hand cut, sewn and detailed by me. The Lightning Bolt is the symbol of the Lightning Beings and is also used as an “S” in Iteska, meaning “White Face”.


By Dawn “Iteska” Piercy ©2014


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