So Much, So Little

We are still crafting daily within our hectic every day schedule of hustle and bustle and many Doctor appointments.  Appointments every day.  I have 2 today. Both over 40 minutes away.  One though is to go look at a handicapped accessible van
;-). The first one is an actual appointment.
Here are some photos of the work we have done.  Jewelry and crafts will be available in everyone’s budget. So worry not my dear friend’s!
Yes, even my fancy purses and jewelry I will make to fit any budget.





Bones and glass beads.


Carved bone on adjustable leather necklace.


Red, White and Blue. .. made with moonstone and glass beads.  Bracelet and matching earrings.


Sterling silver 18″ chain with heart pendants and crystals.


Sodalite cross on 18″ silver (not sterling) chain. 
Other is mixed semiprecious stones on 20″chain.


Glass earrings.

Hope everyone has a great day!

All jewelry and purses are made by me.
Dawn Piercy 2014 AKA Iteska(White Face)
Bonnets made by Chief Evans White Face 2014




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