Dawn Piercy

I have been pondering
A lot lately over doings
Of this life;
I know I am forgiven
Due to it is to God I
Have given over my life,
I strive each day
Every single night.
To pray and watch each
Word that comes from
My mouth and live a
Completely honest and
Pure life.
My roots run deep within
My belief.
There is only one God.
No matter what religion
No matter what race
No one has a right to
Judge another except
God himself.
He is forgiving if you are
Pure and repent.
I write a lot of poetry
And it’s been through
Different times of my
Through times of ignorance,
Times of strife,grief,loss and pain.
God knows my heart,
He knows my soul more
Than any other being.
It is only him I owe my
Gratitude to and my parents
That never gave up on…

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