Indroduction to Ride “A Science Fiction Autobiography”

This will not be used as my introduction to my book, but will indeed be in my series 😉

Dawn Piercy



    Wow, what can I say? So far looking back,in the last 35 years my
life has been quite the ride. Where to start? All I can say is no matter who
or where you are, when a ride is a ride it can really throw you for a loop.
I have a delay in telling you about how crazy of a ride it has been but, what
the hell.

    It all started the day I was born, imagine that. As far back as I can
remember I’ve always been so to say “different”. Some call me a vampire,
some say I’m not from here, but from some distant planet, beyond human
knowledge, some call me shape-shifter, morpher, skinwalker, fairy,
goddess,angel and the list goes on. Depends on who I speak
to when they are trying to figure this unknown knowledge out. So who am
I you…

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