Why my last video was blah


I got to thinking after being told to keep doing videos and why the need for the handicapped accessible is so important. I have still been doing videos but haven’t felt up to par, now I know and this is why.
On February 17th, 2014  I had surgery.
I knew I hadn’t been feeling well and have had fevers everyday since, despite calling the Dr’s office the nurse told me it was normal. Need I mind you I called 3x since surgery.
I had my post-op yesterday and Dr. Found I have infection from surgery… Now I know why I feel so Blah. On antibiotics and hope to be back to my silly, goofy, happy, opinionated self soon!
Oh! My son lost his first tooth!!! Right after his 6th birthday. I gave him a dollar for it… Lol

Dawn Piercy ©2014


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